Journey back to ME.

My battle with stress, and anxiety.

Are you looking to lose weight? Need motivation? and support?

Well.. I'm posting this to let you know that the 30's group is having a Weight Loss Challenge for 2 months.

I have posted in the 30's group a sign up that is ready for you to say .. " I want to Join"

What are you waiting for?

The two people that lose the most will recieve a 5$ gift card after Aug 15. Aug 15 is when the contest ends and I'm so excited ......

I've gotten so much support and motivation so far and the contest just challenge just started yesterday..

So don't miss out .. and join us in this challenge..:)

If you want to join just click the photo at the top of this post..

It will take you right to the post.. :)

I hope to see you there..!!!

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Jun. 14, 2011 at 12:27 PM


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