Well like the title says, i'm quitting cigarettes. Easy decision, hard to follow through. I am using the patch because my doctor says it's safer for the baby. Today is my first day, all i've done is clean and paint roooms all day. Sounds like i'll run out of things to paint but my walls were painted years ago by the man i bought the house from. He was a cigar smoker and it stained the walls pretty bad. This entire episode i'm having reminds me of nesting. Does it come earlier each pregnancy? Or am i just trying to keep occupied? And do i have enough of a support group to quit with my mom (seemingly purposely) messing things up? She put mixed gas in my lawn tractor because i bought a newer one and she has an older one she says doesn't work but it runs fine. She used it while i was gone for a week. Just worried about quitting, i want to but i feel theres no support for it. Every time i think about life without smoking i have an anxiety attack and i freak out and want a cigarette. I don't understand this, i've never had attacks like these unless i'm going into a super public place with too many people in it, oh by the way too many people cause me to have an attack also. Advice? Please?

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Jun. 15, 2011 at 7:09 PM

I think you're just trying to keep busy, even if you don't realize it. I quit today too, and I've been going non stop. I hate the thought of quitting, but in the end it's better for my kids. I quit with both pregnancies and it was somehow easier because I had a major reason too, but harder with all the hormones. Good luck!! After the first week it'll get a lot easier. And don't think about never smoking again, it'll make you crazy. I've been avoiding that thought myself.

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Jun. 16, 2011 at 11:42 AM

Thanks, it's weird because i've never actually had support before. my ex husband kept telling me why are you even trying? you'll never be able to quit. but he had no job and was a smoker himself so i think he didn't want me to quit because than he'd have nothing to smoke anymore. this time i do and ya it's getting harder on day two, the cravings aren't hardly there but the urge to go outside is, the thing i did outside was smoke and when i habitually go outside than i crave a cigarette. i'm new to the quitting thing, never done it the last 3 pregnancies because of no support and a terrible relationship. thanks for your input!!!

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