I havn't been on much lately and I need to apologize..But I can catch you up to speed.My mom got another divorce and is getting married already when its not even gonna be a year of her being divorced. But before that I didn't speak to her or wouldn't let her see my children for awhile because my sister was saying my mother was saying horrible things. When it turned out that my sister was the one actually saying horrible things. My step fater for someone who says he loves us and our grandkids and will come by often never calls or stops. My brothers wife left him for a women , thankfully he got a new gf now so he's happy for now. So my mother and i are talking again and semi close again and she see's my children and i like her fiance , i told my sister off because i give up on her i can't deal with her anymore so she will no longer be a part of my life (why: she does drugs, she's a horrible mother by abusing them yelling at them , dating a stupid ass who is a sex offender) i tried my best to help her and give my opinion to her and she flips out on me etc..so im done with her..so i have been trying to be there for everyone but myself..While dealing with everyone else and being there for them , i was going through some emotional things myself. I totally withdrew from college in 09 , and now im back in college in will be done in a year :D..I thought my husband didn't love me the way he used to or the way i love him...We have been going through alot here lately with both of our families, his unlce has 2 years to live, and we found out that one of my cousins has leukemia..so while dealing with all of this, i've been balancing school, my family, and both of our families problems...its hard to deal with but I have learned that i have to turn to my husband and talk with him and turn to my husband and kids, sometimes i talk things out with my best friend..but even then its still hard....

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