OK ~ yes, I'm still out scouting health/wellness companies.  I've been looking at 2 categories:  ones that offer liquid/or powder weightloss products and then just overall liquid nutritional supplements.  I was on another site this morning and came across Lifeforce (I had looked at them years ago).

I know that when I have the income coming in (and I'm getting closer since I have a new income stream with our group - yay!!) I will definitely start with a company that focuses on good water (probably go with Kangen Water) because I feel like why bother to do anything else healthy (take vitamins, supplements, exercise,etc.) if you're not giving your body good water (it is made up of over 70% water to begin with, right?!?), but after I've got that squared away, it's on to healthier eating (money to buy more organic whole foods) and then supplements!  So, I'm trying to do all my research now, because I want to hitch my wagon up to the best, and run with it! 

Some of the ones I had looked at before and really liked was Vemma.  I have a friend who's with Vemma, have gone to a presentation, etc.  Also, looking into ViSalus and Team BeachBody.  But I want to cover all my bases.  I stumbled back across Lifeforce today and then remembered Yoli, so I'll check them out again today.  Looking for anyone to give me insight on these companies if you are familiar with them (or any other similar ones).

Here's what I liked about the Lifeforce Int. ~
~ they've been around for awhile - 26 years
~ their supplement is considered a "whole-food" liquid supplement (still need to recheck ingredients)
~ they Manufacture and Distribute their own products (seems like it would lower the cost, but haven't compared that yet)
~ seem to have a good comp. plan (but still need to compare)
I welcome your input ~ thanks, Monica

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Jun. 22, 2011 at 6:42 PM

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