Ok, so both of my sisters are expecting, and I am thrilled for both of them. I'm so looking forward to a new niece and a new nephew. I'm happy for them that they are able to share the experience and glad they are bonding and all, but I'm really starting to feel out in the cold.  I've been practically begging for months to get the 3 of us together and just have lunch or something and always get excuses about being busy, yada yada...Then i talk to one or I'm on facebook and see that they had just done something together..and noone called me.  I'd understand if the stuff they was preg related stuff, like their prenatal yoga class, but it's not. They've gone to lunch, the park, whatever.    I asked to be included in their baby showers....sure...I was included...i got an invite....I wanted to be more involved than that. My older sister is having her inlaws throw hers, and my younger sister is having a friend do hers....Do I not exist? I would have liked to be included in planning, like  a sister, not treated like just another name on the guest list.. I love my sisters and would like to have a good relationship with them...but they don't seem to be very interested  in that.   I tried talking to other family members and was told I was just jealous. It's not jealousy. It's just that, even though I know some people just get along better than others, I can't help but have that " gee is there something wrong with me?" feeling ya know....

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