So lately my children have been keeping my up all hours of the night.  My 2 year old is cutting molars and my 3 month old, I think, is cutting his first tooth.  So anyway, I was at work and totally exhausted.  One of my clients was celebrating her birthday and her mom brought in a birhtday cake for her.  I looked at the birthday cake and made a comment that it was really pretty.  A small voice in the back of my head thought, "Who the hell orders brown icing?"  It was really bothering me, cuz really who orders brown instead of pink or yellow or just about any other color?  It wasn't until one of my co-workers said, "Ooh, that's my favorite kind of chocolate icing!" that I realized it was brown because it was chocolate.  I felt like such an idiot. LOL.

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Jun. 27, 2011 at 8:18 AM

Oh dear. :( We all have moments like that. People with older children tell me it gets better as the kids get older.

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