The Balancing Act

juggling my life


As a work at home mom, I know that my energy has been down and over the years I forgot to take care of me.  How many of you can relate?

With the epidemic of obesity rising many are on the search for the next big weight loss plan. Where do they go? What do they do? In result, the diets that are arising are none the less becoming less and less beneficial to what bodies are really in need of.

The biggest issue to diet plans and people starting them is the actual instant gratification process. Most want to see results now. They do not want to wait six months down the road to shed 10 pounds. When someone sees another celebrity, friend, individual getting fast results they are really wanting to know what is the secret? How are they doing this?                                                                                                          

With everything on the market from unhealthy diet pills to "diet programs", people are looking for something new, something that works and gives results fast.

I recently started a 90 Day Health Challenge. So far after being on the Challenge for 8 days I am down 6 pounds. I am blown away by the difference that my clothes are fitting.  Anyone have health, fitness or weight loss goals and want to take the challenge with me? I am looking for people to do this with me so we can keep each other accountable.

Are you ready to....

Get healthy?

Lose Weight?

Get more fit?

Gain a close friend or two or more?

Save some money?

So if any of you have health, fitness or weight loss goals, I encourage you to take the challenge with me. 

Message me on how to join the challenge!


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