So as in my prior entry's Ive been battling cervical cancer since I first found out April of 2010 after the birth of my son. I went 2 weeks ago to have part of my cervix removed (NOT FUN) . I go today for mt post op appt and to go over the pathology reports and review my healing. For over a year I have had to go through this alone, I have my spouse but I have shut him out cause I get angry at him (he was the carrier we didnt know till I had my son) anywho no one in my family understands nor cares. None of my "friends" care nor do they understand. I feel alone in all of this to a point Im rather depressed about it all. Some days Im ok , some days Im angry, and some days Im just apathetic to it all. Ive tried to find local support groups in my area with no luck at all. Ive tried to find online support groups but it seems there just a bust. How is one suppose to deal with this. I am aware that it could be worse and some people are not as lucky as I am , but then again I still cant help the way I feel. Its taken a toll on me in many ways I just wanna wave a magic wand and make it all go away and never return. Anyone have a loaner wand???

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Jun. 28, 2011 at 5:07 PM

hugs      I think you need lots of hugs right now. Maybe you should ask your doctor to help you find a group or couselor to talk to.  Good Luck Sweetie!!!

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