Being that we homeschooled the second semester of the school year, I kept up with our routine, just made it a little more casual, & not every single day. we either do mon wed fri or Tues thurs.
I've been focusing more on reading. We take weekly trips to the library. They each pick out a book. My readers will either read aloud or silently and tell or write their favorite part of the book. My non reader will get read to by the others or myself, & will also tell her favorite part.
On their own, the boys have found resources for them to learn history and science online while incorporating fun activities & games. And math I use with them on a daily basis whether at the store or measuring in the kitchen.
We'll play games like scrabble to enhance spelling skills, UNO for numbers & colors & directional skills (for the younger one). In the mix of these things they've also chosen to learn guitar, so we have a DVD they put in and will follow along for about an hour.
Education is extremely important to me and I want them to understand that even though it's summer doesn't mean they have to stop learning, & they don't have to compromise their fun. :-)

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Jun. 29, 2011 at 10:12 AM

My daughter is going into fifth grade. I have purchased a few workbooks that she actually will do and consider it fun, however, have me prompt her to commit to focus on the activities a few days a week when she is not away from home with other sleepovers or camp. She also is an avid reader and we have numerous books that she reads from lighter, humorous books to the more difficult classic stories. I also try to get her into a lot of creative camps and activities to participate in. Beyond that, there is little time left for anything as the summer just flies right by. In addition, her school resumes in early August. This also makes it difficult as it does not coincide with many other activities and camp offerings for the summertime.juggling

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