een Motherhood

Motherhood is never easy and it has its ups and downs. However it is twice as hard when you are a teen mom. Being a teen is already hard enough due to school dances, social acceptance, and relationships with friends, boyfriends/ girlfriends. I would have never thought I would become a teen mom before my sixteenth birthday. I wanted to enjoy my dances, parties, football, and performing on stage, but that all changed at the end of my summer in 2010.

I had already started a new school and planned on getting good grades and making new friends. I knew I felt different but I still kept my problems to myself. I had gone to the doctor and found out that I was four months pregnant with soon to be my baby boy. I honestly knew it was going to be hard to deal with all the questions and facing the reality of everything. My family was already upset and my boyfriends was, too because of my pregnancy he and I hadn’t spoke until after I found out I was having a boy.

After weeks of growing bigger and clothes not fitting, emotional changes feeling like you want to burst out crying for no reason or getting angry over something so little, and doc appointments, including being separated from my boyfriend, I started to get stressed out and was not eating righting. One day, after school, I did not feel good so I called my mom to take me to the doctor. Little did I know I was going to have him three days later. My son was born at 8:06AM and weighed 2lbs 8oz and was 15inches long. However, I did not realize how sick he was until I went to see him later that day.  His smell was very unique to me, he felt like a squishy pillow but very fragile. I was too scared to hold him because of the way he looked and the sounds he made. He was like a little lost animal or a screaming animal in pain.

As the weeks progressed, my baby boy Adam J Olivos Rivera got bigger, stronger, and healthier until he moved to a second room known as “Unit 2”. “Unit 2” was for babies whom were ready to go home and were doing great.  Reality didn’t hit me until I had gone in one day and he was in isolation because he contracted pneumonia and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). He looked so sick. I couldn’t leave him for any reason. I sung to him, prayed, told him stories, even posted little pictures of his dad and I and everyone who loved him. All I wanted was to take my baby home and feed him, bathe him, and rock him to sleep. Motherhood is not all about dressing up your baby in cute outfits, or playing with them all the time, and treating them like little dolls. When a woman becomes a mother your life changes forever and you have a special love for your child. The best thing about this experience was how my family coped with my situation, especially my mom. I remember her never leaving my side and making sure I was ok when I was in the hospital. I would regret the fighting in the beginning and stressing out when I didn’t need too.

Being a teen is hard enough due to many things in high school. All we have on our minds is graduating. However for me being a teen and a mom is twice as hard but a motivating experience, especially when you are not even sixteen yet. I will never regret having my son, Adam in my life. I plan to graduate go to college and provide a great life for Adam and prove to people that teen moms can do it too.

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