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When Michael and I first separated in July of 2009 we had owned 2 vehicles. One was a truck and the other was a ford Taurus. He agreed to leave me the ford Taurus until I was able to get a car of my own because the children are living me, we also had shared cell service and we both agreed to keep paying our halves. I was on unemployment at the time and also working up at the gas station in st hilaire known as kruse in. I couldn't afford to buy my own vehicle until that fall when I was to be called back to work at American crystal sugar company and he knew this. I believe he sold his truck and he came out and took the car from us. He left me home with 3 kids and no vehicle. I had become friends with one of the regulars at the gas station and he helped me out by driving myself and my kids to a doctor appointment or grocery shopping otherwise he gave me a pedal bike to make it the 3 miles to work because I worked during hours he had. I offered him gas money all the time but he said he was just happy to help out a person in trouble. Eventually my mother bought a car for us to use, she also added a line on her cell account because Michael also took the cell off of his account and I didn't have a house phone at that time. During that summer Michael hardly ever saw the children. They would ask me to call him so they could say good night and their "I love you"‘s but sometime Michael wouldn't answer the phone and the kids were heartbroken because of that. When fall came around I asked Michael for some money to help with school clothes since I had just started to go back to work and he was driving beet truck for HLJ Farms out of warren. He makes a fairly good wage there and figured $150-200.00 wasn't too much to ask to cloth 2 children. He told me he couldn't afford to help because he had borrowed against his wages to make sure he had places to live which I understood. He saw the kids that October for alexander's 1st birthday and to bring them trick or treating.  He had started seeing them almost every other weekend when he lived with his friend nick beito.  At the time I was dating someone and that was easier for him to see the kids because my boyfriend at the time lived in thief river falls and he didn't have to drive so far to see them or pick them up for a few hours. By the time New Year's came around in 2009-2010 he had started seeing less and less of the kids because he said his roommate complained about them being there because it wasn't child safe. I tried to keep in touch with him about matter's that were happening with the kids but he seemed less and less interested in them. Khristofer was in wrestling at that time and Michael never showed to any of his tournaments even though I had offered him money for gas and even rides. He didn't show at the one in thief river falls because he couldn't afford to come but I told him I would pay and he still wouldn't.  Khristofer was very saddened because everyone else's dads were there but his wasn't. After that I had already broken up with my boyfriend and was single for about 2 months before I started dating Randy. Randy's brother had passed away on Easter and I offered my company and he said yes, Michael voluntarily took the kids that weekend because it was Easter.  A day later the kids came back to Randy's, Michael was still seeing the kids whenever I called him and asked him to, I have only said no to him if he wanted them too late on a school night or if the kids were sick. Eventually Michael started to come up with excuses during the summer of 2010 not to see the kids, either he was too busy or working on a vehicle or out of town.  I kept calling him every other weekend to see if he would like to see his kids or take them fishing but it was always an excuse. Eventually I gave up asking him and talked to his mom about it, she stated that I should pay him child support so he could afford to see the kids. I had already given Michael money countless times for gas and parts for vehicles to fix them so he could see his kids. I thought what she proposed was silly. Michael has never called me since June of 2010 to ask if he could see his kids, he hasn't offered any type of support. Since June of 2010 he has had them at Leroy slinginger's maybe a handful of times and that's only when I had desperately needed his help with watching the kids.  He has lived with about four different friends and has steadily declined in wanting to see the kids. He has not called or tried to get a hold of me or the kids in the past 6 months, his mother on the other hand was steadily taking the kids every other weekend for about 2 months but then the kids caught a cold and she didn't want other people in her house to catch it. She asks for them on holidays and seems to get irritated when I have other plans.  I can't seem to make plans with my family and then at last minute she would get a hold of me and ask to take the kids to her daughter's place. I have bent over backwards for this family and him so he would still be a father to them. People go through divorce all the time and still see their kids on a regular basis. What I am asking for is full legal and physical custody of the kids so I can move on with my life. Also I would like him to drop his rights because he isn't worthy of being called a father in any sense, he hasn't taught these children anything. I worked full time when we were married and Khristofer started in second grade with a kindergarten reading level. He has since than improved and is now up to the level he should be with the strenuous help of Title I groups and Randy's help. I brought him to court for child support and all he has to pay is 75$ a month, he has a dog now. he gets to go and party and still no child suport since june, he will soon lose his license and hopefully go to jail soon. our custody agreement was every other week but he won't even call every other week!!! sorry had to vent

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