My 10 year old daughter has been my biggest inspiration. She approached me about her concerns for those less fortunate and wanted to know what she could do to make a difference. After much consideration she decided to propose a fundraiser in her school. After examining various types of fundraisers, she decided to propose a pyjama fundraiser. All the children who participated brought in $1 or more if they chose to and together they raised almost $300. My daughter spoke to the school about donating it to a local charity that does work overseas and in our local community as well.

My daughter's efforts to help make a difference in the world, has opened my eyes and I'm inspired by her every day.

I feel so blessed in my life, having a husband and children whom are all healthy and thriving. I think living in Canada offers so many benefits that I'm reminded of those who are not as fortunate. I can't imagine being a mom in a third world country, or even in this country, and having to see my child suffer.

As many problems as life throws our way we have to be appreciative of the resources that are available to us to be able to solve them.

So today I'm going to talk a little about my own efforts to help others less fortunate.

I've looked into volunteering with my local food bank, the Agape Center. I visited there recently and was dumbfounded to learn how many people in my community are using its resources. I guess when you open your eyes you can really see what is going on.

I have also considered sponsoring a child in a third world country. I found a few options, and the one that made the most sense for me was CCFC, Christian Childrens Fund Of Canada. I've sponsored a child in Sri Lanka, in the past, but due to financial reasons had to stop. Now that I'm in a better place financially I think I'm open to it once again.

Children are our biggest blessings, and in my case my inspiration! We can learn big lessons from them if we listen.

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