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Today I finally got the kids motivated to get the house cleaned up. The house has been driving me crazy for months. Seems like ever since I lost my job they have decided that I should just do it all. I get angry because they are sitting there do nothing but leaving everything and though I am not working full time, I am still taking classes full time watching my granddaughters 20 hours a week and taking certifications classes plus my online publishing. I have been yelling, threatening, bribing for months now but today something finally got done. They got about half of it done so I am hoping tomorrow they do the other half and get the laundery and the boys get their room done. Every other time they get it half done , the clutter doesn't really get put away so with in a few days it looks just as bad again. I am just so happy they got it part way done though, I am seriously losing it with my new classes. I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing and I really am thinking I want to transfer to a different school. The whole online thing now with my Bachelors has me so lost. 

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