Never in my life did i think i would really have you two.I always thought that my auto immune disease would keep me from experiencing the joy of motherhood. I always wanted to be a mother more than anything. Allison the day i found out about you i was over the moon,instantaneous love. I never knew a love like the love i have for you. As for my unborn child i love you just as much and i really don't even know what you are yet.My babies there's so much i want for each of you and so many people i wanted you to meet. Your great grandmother and uncle would be so ecstatic to meet you,unfortunately they were both taken to young. I want y'all to know that your family loves you. Allison you fill me with joy each morning when i wake up and go to your playpen and i see your smile it warms me to my heart. I love being with you and i can't stand to be away from you for any part of time.I'm ready to have your little brother or sister here with us,i want y'all to grow up and be the best of friends, I love you babies

love you to the moon and back,


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