I know there will be a lot of details left out but here it goes.

Around 3:00 or so I started cramping badly! I was at home the 3 girls. Nate had to go to town and take care of some stuff and he took Justus with him. I texted Nate around 4:00 and told him to come home instead of going to WalMart b/c I was hurting. I called him around 4:30 and told him to hurry b/c I was in severe pain and I had started gushing blood. Then I called my dad and sent the kids to him. Then I got in the shower and sat on the shower chair b/c I was bleeding so badly. My dad had my sister zoey come check on me. She had been through this before. Then Nathan got there. He called the hospital and they said for me to come in b/c of how much blood I was loosing. In the 10 minute drive there I soaked through 2 pads and my pants. They got me in a room pretty quickly. The er dr got in there quick. Then they paged Dr Sloan and found out he was already there doing a csection. The er dr took me to the room with the OB exam table took a look and said the baby was on it's way out. They called Dr Sloan and he said he would be there as soon as he got done with the csection. He came down looked and told me he could do a few different things. I had him go ahead and pull the baby out. They had to give me some drugs to do that. He then had to work pretty hard to get the placenta out. He was able to get about half of it. We got to see him and I was able to take his picture. We were also able to see exactly what had happened to our baby. His cord was tied around his leg so tightly that it had cut off all his blood flow. Dr Sloan sent me home with other medicine to make me contract to get the rest of the placenta out. Which I think may have happened at the hospital before I left. And some pain medicine. I had to have iv antibiotics b/c he was worried about infection b/c of how much he had to work to get the baby and the placenta out.

I do feel at peace about all this. I am still hurting but I am at peace. I miss my baby boy so much!

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Jul. 16, 2011 at 5:23 PM

oh hun.. I'm so sorry. 


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Jul. 19, 2011 at 10:40 PM

This made me cry.  I will never understand why things like this happen to wonderful people.  Prayers <3

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