Ladies I know the journal changes here are upsetting but let's be honest, the admin isn't going to stop.  I currently have a blog I've had for over ten years over at  Xanga has a sister site,, that is awesome.  If you decide to move on over to xanga or momaroo, feel free to add me.  My username is spicycajun, my URL is  If you join xanga, momaroo or any of their network of sites, you can add me.  they also have a christian one called revelife.

I will probably write my last Love Dare blog here tonight, then move all of that over to my xanga.  i was writing it here because of the audience, all women who at some point or another had a man in her life.  I thought this was the best place to get feedback.  I am not sure if I'll come back for the groups, because the ads on here make my browser lag something awful.  Not to mention the unreal censorship that I have personally experienced with this admin.  If you don't agree with them on certain hot topic social issues then your opinion doesn't matter.

to the ladies that stay, I  hope the admin team are good to you.  If you join xanga or any of their sister sites, add me and let me know you are from CM.

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