I posted this in my other thread but after thinking a minute I wanted people to really see this and give me some opinion or help . . . just need input

Anyone who may be interested I was thinking of doing a card drive so to speak . . . whenever I've been sick, really sick, I've always loved reading cards my family, and friends, and school mates, church friends, whoever sent in . . . It made me smile to know someone I may not even have know well took a minute to say hi, a minute to "visit" me in the hospital when I was alone . . . me and my kids are making cards every week to send to her in the hospital, to decorate her room with love, smiles and prayers for when we know (from going through this with SB) things will get hard . . . if anyone is interested in helping lett me know and I'll pm you my address to get the cards and take to her . . . I want her to truely feel special even if just for the time it takes to read a card . . . It may be stupid, but it was just my silly idea . . . let me know what you think . . .

Oh and here's the link to her Caring Bridge Page if anyone wants to leave her a message there


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Jul. 28, 2011 at 12:06 PM We would love too my daughter is 3 she would enjoy knowing she brightened your niece room :) hope all is going ok. Thank you for sharing .

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