Im seriously beginning to think that there is no such thing as "luck"...we just dont ever get it at all! I mean its always a dirt road with us instead of a nice paved one...

STORY...well we were suppose to be gettin this car today...told the dealer and everything...he said alright i will hold it for you...ok cool right? no he freaking sells in in two days!!! OMG I mean really after he told us we could have it! i mean that was OUR CAR! And he sells it! oh man oh we have to go somewhere else were they will want "MORE MONEY!" That we do not have! UGH, i mean we never get a break ever! i mean seriously when will it end? all we want is a car...a car that runs is that too much to ask?

shoot we cant even get help from our family...basically no one will help us...not even the GOVERNMENT! And hell (thats bad)...You know I got told by a place where they are suppose to help "Suppose" to help ppl I mean this is what she told me..."I couldnt help you even if I wanted too..." oh but wait to crackheads later walk in and BOOM she helps them right away!

Im farrrr from rich and i dont do drugs...not an alcoholic...we actually take care of our child...with no help from anyone...only one person working...and do we get help...(crickets chirping) um...that would be a NO! its pretty sad when you get turned down for FOOD STAMPS! When you need them! you know what we eat everynight...RAMON NOODLES! LOL...ya thats whats for dinner...not beef or chicken!...but does the state they dont...DENY DENY I think that they need to um lower the food prices wayyy down not up...oh and gas seriously needs to go down...bcuz "if" and "when" we get a car...ya gas is just expensive...seriously drop it down...

Well im done gripping...well not really gripping just putting my words out there...maybe one day this world wont be so greedy with money...but then again its money everyone wants whatever...shoot im happy with 5 dollars!


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Aug. 7, 2011 at 4:14 PM

sorry ! hope things get better for you soon. hugs ! try to stay positive !

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