I was just reading an article on TheStir about the man being denied coverage for his breast cancer because he's a male. Everyone emphatically agreed that he shouldn't be denied coverage for something like that, and I even read some women stating that no one should be denied any medical treatment in this country...DUH.

It's funny that so many of those women want people to get treatment for medical issues, yet when it comes to the subject of univeral healthcare (which HUNDREDS of countries benefit from...IE: bigger ones include UK, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, etc), these same people say "NO WAY!". Now, while I'm not 100% okay with Obama's universal healthcare package (mainly the portion which requires everyone to purchase SOME KIND of medical coverage), I think it's a step in the right direction for this country. But so many people want nothing to do with that...they think "I'm not paying for anyone else" and even complain about people currently on Medicaid or Welfare. While I agree that many programs need overhauls so people don't screw the system, how can these American people (MANY who call themselves good Christians) deny help to those who need it most? How can you live with yourselves? Oh let me guess, as long as your family is taken care of, and you tithe to your church, and you give a few soup cans to food pantries once a year, you're covered? Doesn't work that way.

As someone who grew up with NO medical coverage (not even Medicaid), I can tell you my mother was always petrified of my brother or I getting sick. We were very lucky and rarely ever got sick but I can remember once, my brother cut his foot open on a piece of glass and had to get stitches in his foot. We waited 5 hours in the hospital while his foot was literally gushing blood. Does that sound like something anyone should have to endure? To many Republicans, and some selfish Americans...it does.

I'm sorry. I'm certainly not meaning to bash any particular group (Republicans) or any particular religious groups (Christians) as I am neither, but it just seems to me that's where the majority of this...hatred for those not so well off stems from and I just can't understand it.

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