NOT to marry my father...... I failed her. lol. I suppose thats ok though since 1- I also was told not to Become my father and I did that too and 2- my parents have been married for over 30 years so it can't be all that bad to be married to a man just like my husband. Now what is bad though is the little ways I discover that my husband and my father are just alike....

Our neighbors (or rather my parents neighbors since we live with them right now) are a "nice" older couple named John and Nancy. John is a bit of a jerk to be honest, one of those older guys with a chip on his shoulder and a broomstick up his you know what. He gets an attitude if our grass grows taller than 4 inches, well sorry but my dad is frequently out of town for weeks at a time and its hard to mow the lawn from Guam. Anyhow... our neighbors aren't really that bad.

So when my parents moved in John came over while dad was outside one day and as things go in introductions he asked dad what he did for a living. Now in reality my father is a retired air force flight engineer who currently works for a civilian contractor for the navy doing in-flight refueling. Is this what he said... no, of course not. My father looks at John with a totally straight face and says "I kill people". Does he follow this up wit "Just kidding" Or "No, actually i..." NO! Of course not. And in the whole 3 years they have lived here he has never set the record straight.

Then my husband and I move in. My husband is outside not long after we take up residence and the neighbor's dog, Ducky, makes a bee-line for the woods while tearing after a groundhog. My husband distracts Ducky and returns him over to the neighbors who have come out to retrieve the poor dog. He and John chit chat a bit and as things go in introductions john asks my husband what he does for a living. Now in reality my husband is a CNA who has also worked for Verizon and been a pipe welder. Is this what he says... no, of course not. He looks at John with a straight face and says "I kill people". Normally my husband cannot pull off a lie like this without cracking a few seconds later and laughing but somehow this time he did. He has never set the record straight.

SO now our poor neighbor John probably actually thinks that we run some assassins business out of our home and the son-in-law is the apprentice. Seriously! The worst part is that they both did this without having any idea the other had done it too until just today when it somehow came up. Mom and i looked at each other in horror as we realized that our men had both made the same joke ot the same man at two totally different times and never come clean. ok, yes i find it sadly amuzng and can't help laughing but really guys???

Mom, I'm sorry but I did try and you admit you liked him long before we got married but he fooled us because in the end he turned out to be just like Dad. oops! Lol

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