"Spoken Word"

My mind is never toward the Negativity of who one loves or picks to love.

To make due with who you are attracted to is anyones business.

My sister in-law Loves my Nieces and that is all i am really concerned about..

I want to punch others in the jaws when i her things like zebra, confused or Good hair.

She gives people the Side eye

She is weird at times but i love her.

My brother Loves her and everything she stands for

even though they are divorced

not for racial reasons

for Physical reasons


"Not enough sex" She says lol

"The myths are not true"..She says

"To much information for Me".. I say

My brother is 10 years her senior at 45

he liked his women Young and thick!

not too young he likes them to love 80's pop/rock


So respectful..

never heard him curse a day in his life..

My Nieces are Happy..

Thats all Anyone should Care about..

I love..

I love them all..

My Color of Love is red..

The living Blood that floods through our veins :)


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