In response to a disagreement I got into with someone on the idea of sexuality, homosexuality in particular, being a "choice"

I personally do not remember choosing to be attracted to men, just as I don't remember choosing to find dark hair and eyes attractive. I do remember being 5 years old and already finding tall dark haired men attractive, I remember being in... early elementary school and already having a "type." I do know that I am not attracted to women just like I am not attracted to thin or blond men (I apologize blond guys) and I would have to assume that for someone who IS gay (please read IS, not CHOOSES TO BE) that it is not a choice on who they are attracted to, and I know for a fact that straight OR gay, no one really gets to choose who they fall in love with.
I would only assume that being with someone of the opposite gender while gay would be like me sleeping with a woman: I could most likely get the job done, but it would probably not be the loving pleasurable act that I am sure God intended when He made humans one of the few mammals that have sex not only for procreation but for enjoyment. I have utmost faith in my loving God and trust in His wisdom as well as the intelligence He gave me to use my brain and realize that there isn't always black and white but a million more areas of grey in between, I thank Him daily for giving me the ability to think outside of the box that society has handed us.  And as my brilliant husband said to me while I was discussing this issue with him, if God were so worried about people being gay maybe He should stop making all these gay babies. 
And as much as I believe in my faith, I can look at things from an American Constitutional standpoint and realize that while an individual church should have every right to decide how their religion defines marriage, in a nation that is supposed to support complete freedom of religion, the fact that we have governmental laws based on one religion is archaic and ridiculous. I have a wonderful loving marriage to a man, and I am so glad that MY marriage is strong enough that other people's marriages have zero effect on my own marriage.


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