OK so yesterday I get this text from my roomie saying..."I just got fired." so I asked why and she said..."Because of my attitude toward people."  WOW...so just let me tell you about my roomie OK...

So she moved in with me and my family...to help out with finaces and things...everything was going fine...she was helping out doing her part...then a GUY comes into her life...someone she has never met...TEXTING BUDDIES...ok so she starts to stay over with his sister...ok hanging out with his family BTW she has not met him yet...ya so she drops us I haven't seen her in 2 months...until he comes back from where ever he was...OK so she stays gone with this guy she has just met...stays with him cant get away...I mean smothering this guy...so I finally met him at 1a.m....YEA...all I can say is WOW...he is a freaking wierdo and psyco...I mean really...no one likes him...he is already like controlling her and telling her what to do...taking her phone already...I mean there is something wrong with this kid...Anyways...he was married...and before he came back he was talking to his wife telling eachother I LOVE YOU! AHH...my friend just got out of a 3 year relationship...I told her to take it slow...but shes not...they have been together for 2 WEEKS! and we all went out to dinner the other night and he said to everyone that they are going to have a kid next winter! Um...he is insane they dont even know each other!  I think he has issues...and I dont trust him he is the stalker type...NO JOKE! Plus he was bashing her marine brother right in front of him...so no he doesnt like her new boyfriend...NO ONE DOES!

So the deal was she was going to pay the rent and utilties for 6 months, till december...and she got fired...well a deal is a deal...she got mad bcuz she had to pay sept. month and the electric bill...electric that she used...so I dont want to hear her complain. I mean she would make us do the same thing.  We all agreed.  In december she can move out whatever.  but till then she sticks to the agreement.

I have known her for a longggg time...and when it comes to guys she isnt very smart...she ditches her family and her friends. the only person she really cares about is the guy in her life.  she dont want no one else.  then when the relationship is over...she goes running back to her family and friends...its messed up..but this time i dont have open arms.  Im tired of it.  And she knows.  I told her before she even met this guy..."your gonna be the same way with every guy."  and i was right.  I never see her anymore she doesnt talk to her family...when someone texts or calls her, her boyfriend ignores them and doesnt tell her.  he takes her phone and deletes the messages and ignores the phone calls.  hes a messed up guy who needs help.  and she just doesnt want to be without a guy...so she chooses him over family and friends...what kind of person does that?  especially to some guy she has only known for 2 weeks...

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