I love my kids, when I lost daniel I got scared and I was nervous when I had amanda..It didn't help me when right after losing daniel and getting out of the hospital his dad decided to take off and leave..I didn't know where he went and I blamed myself..we went through alot of up's and downs..I had amanda and she was small now when you see her she is tall and big and 23 and beautiful..she doesn't have a job and she is living with her dad..I had amanda in 1988..and her dad moved us every year.we never stayed in one place.he left me more than once.in january 0f 1994 he had a baby by another women.and she is 9 months older than our daughter autumn..i had autumn in oct.of 1994..I think the girl's are to far apart they get along most of the time..lol  they fight like most girl's do..I went to work in sept.of 2002 and I know this I depended on their dad to be there and to take care of them and he didn't do that...I NEVER MARRIED THEIR DAD BECAUSE he like to write to women and jail and he would tell them I was such a bad person and he would move out so he could get them to come live with him..it's ok..I am doing good just tired of living paycheck to paycheck..my kids are good....autumn is doing good in school and my boyfriend left his dog here for her..he is moving in and the girl's are good with that..they like him and thats what counts the most..

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