Hi to all of my friends here on cafemom.First off I want to let you all know that I appreciate your friendship, and you all rock!

I would love to share the scentsy business opportunity with mom's who are looking to start their own business.Scentsy is a great choice out of the many opportunities that are out here today!Scentsy for me has by far been the easiest direct selling business I have ever been apart of, and I have tried many, from Avon, and a few others.Scentsy offers 20-25% commissions on all of your sales.You can earn free products, half price products,awards,and even trips.With scentsy there are endless possibilities in the way you run your business.If you would like to join scentsy, but your lacking the funds to get started I can share two ways that could help you make the money to get started.

One is host a party for me from my website.You can have an online party, and invite your friends from facebook, or other social media sites.You can invite friends, and family from other states to join your party.You will earn money, and free products, and half price items.

The other is to run a fundraiser.Do you know of any local school's,churches, or small dance groups that could use some help?You can have a fundraiser, and give some of the donations to the organization, and you keep the rest to invest in your scentsy business.If you have a successful fundraiser you will earn enough to get started, and have some money left over, but of course you want to donate at least 20% to the organization you are helping.This is a great way to help yourself, and your community at the same time.

There are so many different ways to run your scentsy business, and be very successful at it.You can do parties in your home, you can have friends host a party for you, you can do catalog sales, you can have online parties, you can do fundraisers, you can even set up a booth at your local fair, or craft shows.You can get started with scentsy for $99 the price of your starter kit.Your starter kit is loaded with all of the top scentsy products, and all of your business needs, and sales tools.I can help you plan your launch party, and when your kit arrives usually within two days of your purchase you will be ready to start making money right away.You can even sell some of your products from your starter kit to give you an instant profit.

If you join me in scentsy I will help you every step along the way.I will always answer your questions.If I personally don't know the answer I will find someone who does.We have great training that is provided for all of our consultants.We have many training videos in our back office.We also have weekly training calls, and we even have a facebook support group where you can always go to get questions answered fast.

You will get your own personal scentsy website for free the first three months you are in business, and then it's just $10 a month after that.Your back office will also have great tools, and down loadable items for your business.There's flyer's,business cards, and much more.

Come partner with me in scentsy, and have your own successful business!


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Oct. 5, 2011 at 11:33 AM

Anyone who joins me this month in Scentsy will get a $25 gift certificate good for any Scentsy products! Just another way, I'm here to help you, and support you! Come change your life today with Scentsy! Earn your extra Christmas money with Scentsy!! Scentsy has wonderful Christmas presents!!bunch of roses

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