Update:  got back together with my BFF, although, no offense to her, I have demoted her to FF.  I feel like I need to not do the whole BFF thing because....

Husband quit his job.  Yes, you read that right.  Quit.  Apparently we are in the year 2000 with the Stock Market booming and there are bajillion of IT Exec jobs and that pesky insurance is free.  Oh, what?  It is 2011?  And jobs are scarce?  You must be joking!  Good news, he had an excellent contracted severance. Bad news, eh, why look for a job when he is so awesome???

Fast forward:  severance used, no job.  Bitching at me for nagging.  Yes, this is my version of nagging:

Me: did you call blah, or blah, or blah today?

Him:  Why are you nagging me???

Two Days/Weeks later:

Hey did you get ahold of that person, blah, did you network?


Today reached super fun.  I applied for I believe 27 jobs in the span of two weeks.  This is what I was met with:

Why would you go back to work?   I am glad that I avoided prison after that question.

I am literally sitting here with a glass of wine (that came out of a box) praying that the gym (yes, we still have a gym membership - see above) has a freak shut down and everyone that is there is locked inside over night. 

He is crabby, bossy, believes he has a "better" method for me to clean house, pay bills, raise children, manage his family and mine.  I am not fullfilling him, and I am no longer supportive and for some UNKNOWN reason, I don't want to have sex!  GASP!!!!  I soooo wonder why?? 

Dude, I love him.  He is smart, sexy, and yadda yadda.  I GET that we are going through his midlife crisis.  However, I may possibly drink this entire box of $9.00 wine (yep, $9) in order to get through the evening.  Technically dinner is ready and all three short people's homework is done and checked, so honestly besides my liver and my possible sanity - I am not sure I can hold back.

Here's to a freak gym power/lock/phone/cell-phone/morse code/ and messaging pigeon accident.

p.s. if you know me on facebook - this is NOT facebook conversational.

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