I havent been on CM in a while...Ive been soooo busy and so many things have been happening! Ugh its crazy!  IDK even how to describe the things...ANYWAYS! My birthday was last month...yay im 23 NOW! BOOO...went out to celebrate w friends...turned into the biggest DRAMA night ever! NO LIE!  Like...well to start off with...My guys friend came with us...he is SINGLE...and he was hitting on me the whole night while my guy was off playing pool w his other friends...So later we get home and hes like all over me about his friend hitting on me...ugh it was a nightmare.  I told his friend uh hello im in a relationship...your SUPPOSE to be his FRIEND DUH!  ugh and now at work he always asks about me and wondering what im doing...so i guess hes a stalker...always tries to give my guy a ride home from work...its annoying...some men just dont know when to stop...IM HAPPILY AND MADLEY IN LOVE WITH MY GUY!

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