There are many things I love about this country and I am proud of this country for many reasons.  First, I like how we kept it together when the worst happened and how the soldiers, fireman, policemen and all those other people risk their lives to help us.  I am so proud of this country for not going crazy when the worst happened. I just barely remember 9/11. I remember my mom sitting on the couch watching it on TV.  As I grew up, I still really didn't know what it was, as I grew up more, we started to talk about it more in school. It was just last year that I found out what al'quada was and who Bin Laden was after they killed him. Also how we didn't give up or say maybe later when stuff needed to be done.


A lot of kids take this country for granted; they don't know how lucky we have it here. If you do something wrong in another country, you get severely punished. For example, you back talk to an elder, you probably get grounded but in China, you get beaten.  In other countries, if you say something bad about the ruler, you get thrown in jail, but here you can say whatever want about the President.


I am proud of how we helped people when we didn't have to. We went to Vietnam. We didn't have to but we did because North Vietnam control the whole country and dictate unfair laws.  Most of the time we accomplished what we set our eyes on.


There are so many reasons why I am proud of this country that's why I'm writing this essay. My teacher said that a former solider is going to be reading this so if that's true, thank you for all of your hard work and for helping us.


So as you can see, I am proud of this country for doing what's right and for not giving up in a fight.



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