As Heather geared up her new place she was living Tay managed to learn sign language through a course offered not far from the airport at Scoopers Bay. He knew there would be no way to learn every single means of a sign language in the short amount of time he had, but he did learn the basics, or at least enough that communication wouldn't be at such a loss between him and Heather any more.

He didn't let Heather know what he was up to since he wanted it to be a surprise for her. His last evening of the class he flew back anxious to get back and share his surprise with Heather. Tay almost felt like a school kid who graduated from high school again and couldn't wait to catch up with his friends to share in their triumph. When he entered the apartment building he could hear music echoing all the way down the steps. Being curious he slowly walked up the steps to have the music magnify as he neared the two apartments. Getting to the top of the steps he noticed Heather's door open and could hear what sounded like Lionel Richie blaring from a couple of large stereo speakers.

To Tay's surprise Heather was at a bar she had put in at the wall made of windows dancing. She wore a red leotard, with a shear white skirt around her waist, white tights and red satin toe shoes. Her hair was pulled up on top of her head in a tight bun. Knowing he wasn't much of a dancer he sneaked over to her and slipped into her arms. Heather responded by smiling at him and allowing him to slow dance her within the space they had in between the kitchen area and the chairs for the living room. Once again neither one of them needed to share any words to know what they were thinking. They were just wrapped up in enjoying the company of the other one.

Tay loved having someone so soft and delicate in his arms. Her sweet scent made dancing with her even more worth the while. He was actually beginning to question if this could be what falling in love was all about, if it was what falling in love was supposed to feel like and if it was Tay had no doubt in his mind that he was already in love with Heather.

Heather loved being led around the floor by someone so handsome. Tay Cutter had such a way of expressing himself romantically without having to say a word to her. It showed in his smile, his gentleness in holding her and not forcing her into something she may or may not want to do. She didn't think men like him existed any more, but he was teaching her they were still out there, she just had to be willing to find them.

They were learning together just how special falling in love could be and should be. Tay liked being romanced without being made to feel he had to take someone to bed right away to let them know how he felt about them. Heather loved being courted by someone so wonderful as Tay. Being shy around him a little made the courting all that more special to her and it was so nice to know he didn't want anything more from her than what she was willing to give him.

Once the dance ended she hugged him hoping he would know how much she enjoyed their time together. Tay took Heather by the hand and led her to the kitchen table and sat down with her. She noticed him smiling wide and anxious about something. As they sat there she watched Tay slowly raise his hands and start into using sign language. He wasn't perfect with it, but she understood him to tell her, “Thank you for the dance.”

Heather didn't know how to react to him. She was just so happy inside to think someone would be willing to go the distance to learn sign language for her. She truly knew at this point in time that Tay was a very special friend and one she wasn't about to give up for any reason. She needed him in her life. Heather hugged him and thanked him for being so wonderful to her.

Tay made his early morning flight to Scoopers Bay for two of the most annoying passengers he recalled picking up. He chose to have breakfast with his mother first and they talked about Heather. It had been a long time since Clarice saw her son light up like he did when talking about the opposite sex. He just couldn't seem to be able to stop talking about her and all the wonderful things they had done together up to now. She loved seeing her son so excited about a girl and could only hope this may be true love for her son. Once they finished breakfast at a local cafe Tay kissed his mother good bye and left to pick up his passengers.

Getting back to his plane he was told that his passengers were waiting on him. Two people walked toward him that took him by surprise. A beautiful woman who looked like she could be a model came toward him dressed in a black dress with a lemon yellow bolero jacket over it. She had long legs like a model would have and the walk down to show herself off. She had a yellow silk scarf over her head to protect it from the breezes coming from the bay. The man she was with was about the same height wearing a light blue double breasted suit. Tay looked away to check over his plane and laughed a little to himself thinking about how goofy the man looked in his suit with his hair slicked back in oil. Oh, well, they were his passengers and he had to get them to Ramones no matter what.

Much to his surprise the young woman sat next to him in the front seat anxious to get started. Brooke looked Tay over and liked what she was seeing. He was so boyish yet masculine and she loved the way he dressed casually in his windbreaker showing off the business, a white polo shirt and jeans. Brooke never found herself to be deserted by any man she wanted and she had a feeling that this handsome stranger would be no exception to her rule.

Before take off she let Tay know that she was Brooke Sullivan and that her traveling companion was Carsey Bringham. He sat back looking nervous to be flying even though Tay did his best to assure him that all was perfectly safe. Getting his clearance Tay was in the air in just a matter of seconds.

“You're so wonderful at what you do.” Tay smiled at her.

“Thank you.” He chose to just be his usual gentleman like friendliness hoping she would understand that it was strictly a business attitude he wanted to maintain with her.

“Everything looks so beautiful from up here.”

“Yes, it does.”

“You been a pilot for very long?” He smiled at her again.

“For quite a while.”

“I see. Oh, please forgive me I am Brooke Sullivan. Maybe you've seen me in various magazines.”

“No, I'm sorry I can't say that I have.” She just smiled at him.

“I understand Ramones is a wonderful place.”

“It is. The perfect place to relax I think.”

“I'm sure you would know, uh....” He heard her hesitation in her voice.

“Oh, Tay. Tay Cutter.”

“Mr. Cutter.” He lightly laughed at her.

“No, Tay will do.” She smiled at him again.

“What an usual name.”

“It's short for Taylor.”

“I see. So your real name is Taylor Cutter.”


“What a wonderful name.”

“Thank you.”

They sat in silence and about half way through the flight he noticed her push the yellow silk scarf down around her neck to show off the bright red hair cascading around her face and then down her back. Tay did have to admit to himself that she was a beautiful woman with the red hair emerald green eyes. It wasn't any surprise as to why she was a model. Even though she was a beautiful woman all Tay could think about was Heather and how ready he was to get back and see her.

As he was taking care of flying them over the water safely he pointed out in the distance of the water some dolphins who were playing. Brooke lit up right away once she spotted them diving up and down in the water. It was only a few seconds later that Tay found himself jumping a little bit when he felt her touching his leg. He had no interest in Brooke like that. He only wanted Heather in that position in his life. When she got no reaction from him she touched him again and began to slowly move her hand upward toward his waist. Tay found himself getting uncomfortable with the way she was hitting on him. Tay didn't want to offend her, but he also didn't want her flirting with him like she was doing so he gently moved her hand off of his leg.

Brooke couldn't believe she wasn't getting some kind of interest out of him. That was so unusual and especially with a single man as handsome as him.

“We'll be at Ramones very shortly.” She noticed he made no inference to her flirting with him. Tay noticed her hand start for his leg yet again and touch him near the knee to only start moving upward slowly.

“I hope I can have a native to the island show me around.” Tay carefully picked her hand up again at the wrist and moved it off of his leg.

“I'm sure you can find someone on the island to take you around, but I'm sorry, Miss Sullivan, it won't be me. I already have a beautiful woman I am dating.”

“You have a girlfriend?” She watched the smile slowly creep across his face.

“Yes and she is wonderful.” That was the first time since seeing Heather that Tay even thought that he may have a girlfriend in his life. It seemed nice to think Heather was his girlfriend and destined to stay that way. Maybe he was in true love with someone wonderful and if it was love he knew he wouldn't do anything to sacrifice what meant most to him.

Tay didn't give Brooke another thought once she went on her way with Carsey. He didn't even think about making any mention of it to Heather. She was all that mattered to him and once she was settled into her apartment he began to learn so much more about her. He quickly learned how she loved to cook and not just the average every day foods. Hers were sometimes exotic, there were some days she baked some wonderful goodies to chew on and others were special dinners. They each learned about how they had the appreciation for staying home for dinner rather than going out all the time. Those quiet dinners at home with long walks along the edge of the water were more fun for Heather than anything else.

He loved to watch her dance and liked the way she was so proud of her talent. She had told him over dinner one evening about how she chose to come to the island once the last show she was in ended and the man she thought loved her in return really didn't. She wanted a fresh start and felt she had found it by coming here.

Tay loved spending every evening with her. To him nothing else mattered. With each of them fearing of losing the other one if things moved too quickly he didn't even make attempts to kiss her. It wasn't that he didn't want to kiss her and love her as she deserved to be loved, but he didn't want to risk losing her. He knew the time for that would come soon enough and he would know it when it did.

Carsey and Brooke had chosen to spend some time on the island before meeting the man from Korea who would be arriving in a couple days for the trade off. Brooke was enjoying the privacy of the island as well as taking advantage of Carsey to which he felt the same way about her. He figured once he ran with the money he would never have to worry about seeing her again any way, so why not make her happy for just a couple more days?

She had mentioned Tay a few times, but knew she wouldn't be able to interest him in anything she had to say. It didn't occur to Carsey until the day before the drop that he would be the fall guy for it all. Carsey had it all set up in his mind and what a better way for setting up someone as completely innocent than their pilot? He wouldn't know what hit him by the time Carsey was off the island.

Every relationship had its bumps no matter how perfect or imperfect it may be. Tay just never gave it a thought that Brooke Sullivan would be the one to tear apart what would be the best thing to ever happen to him.

It was an evening Tay had been running a little late from a later flight and he hurried Heather along telling her he had a special surprise for her. He told her there was no need for being dressed up and hearing what he told her she changed into a pair of jeans with a red turtleneck top and a red pull over windbreaker. Not telling her anything he took her to the beach where she saw a sail boat sitting along the dock. Tay smiled at her which let her know it was for them. He liked seeing the excitement come over her face. Taking her by the hand he led her on board.

It was so nice just the two of them and an older man guiding the boat. They mostly sat along the outside of it watching the water rush past them. Tay managed to allow some time for Heather to steer the boat with him helping her guide it. Later that evening as they were heading back Tay held her in his arms loving their time together.

As he held her she watched him unzip her windbreaker just a little bit and then smile at her. She looked at him strangely in which he smiled at her and told her he was just making sure she had the heart pendant on he had given her some time ago. She smiled and told him she never took it off.

In return she unzipped his down to the top of the pocket and he smiled at her. She told him that she loved it when he wore nothing underneath of his. Not wanting to lose the moment Tay finally pulled her to him and kissed her. After all the dates and intimate moments they had shared together he was finally kissing her. Heather loved feeling him against her and his lips so softly touching hers.

Tay loved feeling her pressed against him. She was the only girl he knew who he would allow to do whatever she wanted with him. It took Heather to show him that romance could and should be something taken seriously as well as slowly. It's nothing to be rushed by anyone.

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Oct. 15, 2011 at 8:25 PM

Are you the author of this?!!!!!!  Great story!!!!!!! Is this the beginning, middle...?????  Is there more to the story?

Do you belong to a writer's group(s)?????

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Feb. 21, 2012 at 1:46 PM

Noelle, This is wonderful. I can't wait to read the rest. Where it starts Tay loved having someone so soft in his arms you repeated ( falling in love) in the sentence.)  I would love to help you critque and suggest a few synonyms to add more punch to a few sentences. These are just a few things I learned in my last class(a writers class) whiles getting my BSN. It was my favorite class. I almost  went for a journalism degree.  I am going to make sure you get this published too!.  Did you know you can self publish and sell yourself.

Your characters have so much life in them, I feel like I am standing in the same room with them.

Great conversation.

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