Hi everyone!

I have been tossing around some thoughts comparing my relationship with my oldest son and my relationship with my youngest son. They are vastly different so I know that the way they are turning out has a lot to do with their individual makeup. But I was curious to know your thoughts. I'd love to hear ways you have found to connect with your children before they reach adolescence.  I can't wait to read your ideas!

Here is one of mine:

I did this with my oldest son totally unintentionally but I'm so glad I did.

When Aaron was around 10 yrs. old he started watching the Braves baseball team on tv. He became a huge fan, especially of Chipper Jones. Somehow I got drawn in with him.  Soon we were watching a couple of games a week together. He would explain the game to me and tell me about the different players. It got to the point where I knew the names and positions of most of the players. It was a wonderful connection that I didn't really notice until high school and puberty.  Like many teenagers, he went through some pretty rough times. But no matter what mean words were spoken or bad attitudes were nurtured, the Braves always smoothed things out and brought an element of comradery and like-mindedness. Even when he went to collage I would sometimes receive a text, "Are you watching the game? Chipper just hit a homerun!" Now Aaron is 25 and doing great. As I look back, I am so thankful for the glue of baseball in our relationship.

Please share yours!


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