Games for Thirty One Parties


Flower Game Get a solid color vase or spray paint a clear vase. Get 11 artificial flowers, single stemmed. Take two different color nail polish and paint 4 with one color and 6 with another color; one will be left with no paint. The 6 that are painted one color, if picked guest “has to book a party” with you tonight (can be next month or a few months away). The 4 that are painted another color , if picked guest can pick from “goodie bag” (items from the dollar store). For the one not painted , if picked guest gets the “Grand Prize”.  Make sure to say in the beginning of the game when explaining the rules that “this is a game of chance and honesty”, guest are not obligated to play, but they could win…(show Grand Prize) – usually something worth around $30. Make sure to let everyone pick that wants to and then after they are done, you tell them what the flowers mean they get. Also for the people that do get book a party , I give them the choice of free shipping, free personalization or $5 off their order.


Purse Game As you go through all your items on display (use kit contents sheet if needed) after describing them, take the first letter of the item and have guest find a item in there purse that begins with that letter. First one to pull out item gets a ticket. After going through all products, whoever has the most tickets wins the “Grand Prize” (usually $5 dollar off order, free shipping or free personilization) If there is a tie or contoverseray over who picked item out of purse first have a person that is not playing make the decision (could be child of hostess, or hostess if not playing) – decide who this person is before the game 


Necklace Game   idea is that Hostess gets two necklaces that you have made (needs to look like an envelope so can hold a card inside that has FREE item or whatever decided to give away) When a guest books a party they get to take a necklace off hostess and the hostess gets to keep the item or whatever the giveaway is maybe “hostess $$$” …then give the person that books a party a small gift, such as a Rosette clip or Nail file or FREE shipping!


Gift Unwrapping Idea for Hostess if guest book

-      1 booking, hostess takes bow off

-      2 bookings, hostess takes wrapping off

-      3 bookings , hostess gets to keep gift!

Keep in mind , guest want to help their friend/ hostess earn free product etc. so they are willing to help her out more than you ( a stranger).

-      Give people that book FREE personalization on one item bought from that nights party (make certificate and give personalization guide to guest that booked) or FREE shipping! Only really investing the maximum of $21 if do personalization idea and if 3 people book! Benefits out weight the risk!


Deal or No Deal

Bring envelopes with notes inside that say either “Prize” or “Book A Show”.  Pass the sealed envelopes to everyone. Let them know this is a “deal or no deal” situation. They could win a prize or book a show but either way they have to do what their envelope says.  If they don’t want to play, they simply say “no deal” and give back the envelope.  But if they do say deal, they need to do what it says, either pick a prize or book a show.

This is the first game I used to get bookings.  I had a very small party of only 3 people.  I tried this game and got all 3 to book a party!  You better believe I’ve done this again and again.

Variation: You can also tape a note, note side facing down, to a candy bar.  Hand them out with “deal” or “no deal” on the note.  Do the rest the same.


Chocolate Game:


I got a gift bag from the store and a couple packages of the small Hershey’s bar, I have even used the Hershey’s nuggets. I made up labels 40 that say party, 40 that say $5.00 gift certificate,10 that say 15% off product total and 10 that say order a FREE ??????              

*(need to figure out what this would be, need to actually get some product in stock before playing this game)(possibly say “order a $20 dollar item of your choice”

The only rule is that they have to do what they pull and so do you. They can pull 1, 2 or 3 pieces of chocolate from the bag it’s up to them.


What say before game is: In this bag I have every girl’s best friend well at least mine (most laugh), chocolate. You can draw 1, 2 or 3 pieces of chocolate from my bag I only ask you do what you draw and I will in return. In this bag there are about 100 pieces of chocolate, about half say party which mean you get to have some friends over and we will have fun, about half say $5.00 GC for you to use tonight on your order, there are 10 that say 15% off product total for you to use tonight and 10 that say FREE ??????, Remember you can draw 1, 2 or 3 pieces. 


The Balloon Game

As guests enter the party, give them each a balloon.  Inside each balloon is a folded note.  Tell them that this is their balloon for the night and to hold onto it.  As the show goes on, they’ll be curious about this balloon and what’s inside.

At the end of your presentation, tell them that inside each balloon is a bonus/prize.  If they book a party, they can pop the balloon to reveal their prize.  It can be anything from free shipping, a small item, gift certificate to a local shop or a large item that will be given at their show.  That’s up to you.

I love this game.  Once your guests hear the first pop, the rest want to pop theirs too.  At one of my parties, nobody jumped right in to try it.  Finally, a guest told me she wanted to book.  I got out my pin and popped it for her.  After that, the pops were everywhere.  It just takes one to get it going.

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