So I need a place to put down and recap my dates as well as the -dates that didn't go anywhere. Hopefully in the madness called dating I will eventually find "The One". As of now, I am finding it hard  to see in the sea of crazies. My life is fairly busy, raising two kids with my ex (who is a mess in a half), going to school full-time for my Masters and managing to start-up a small in-home cake business. Really? Do I have time for dating? Hmmm, it's all about careful planning and of course when I have my mommy-free days to splurge on dinners out or a rendezvousto a movie. As of now, I am pretty much on the online dating sites, which might be why I am getting the comical dates. Hmmm, opening up to referrals from friends, won't that be interesting.

Thanks for swinging by my blog as I call it... so let the search commence!

Be well, and date responsible,fingers crossed

Miss T

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