so the father of my first child is fixing to have another child by another woman, i have been wanting him to get her pregnant bc i wanted him to see how hard it is to have a child{ he didnt take care of his first i did all the work, and even now when she visits him on weekends his momma takes care of her} i worry if hell run away from this child too like he did with his dd, i worry that he wont pay h is child support, he cant support himself alone now so how the hell is he gonna take care of her, the babe, and himself?! and on top of it will he forget about his first? - i guess i kinda want him to let her go so she can have a normal life  but i guess thats just a dream....





today i spoke with a family memebr of his and i am sorry to report that his mother is very much upset about him having a child with this girl. and his grandmother is not exactly the happiest either. ihe has not told his dad{ but he found out on facebook but still he refuses to call and speak with him} this family member remarked that he is taking more control in taking care of his daughter{which i am happy in a way to hear }but i expect him to return back to how he was. we all expect him to get a real eye opener when he finds out taking care of a child 24/7 is in no way like taking care of a toddler every other weekend.


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