This past year has been one of many twists and turns. anywhere from my oldest son being diagnosed with autism a few days before we had our youngest son, then a week later my husband deloyed to Iraq for a year. It was really hard for us financially, I wondered how we were going to make it through the year and then the final blow for us came on december 27, 2011, when our youngest son was diagnosed with autism as well. 

  I decided that the saying " what doesn't kil you, will only make you stronger" is a very true statement for me. But some good things also came out of this last year, I decided to start college online and pursue my Associate of Arts degree ( AA) in EarlyChildhood Education. My husband was able to be home for the holidays this year, and our oldest son has grown and learned so much since the time of his diagnoses. I am also glad that we were able to see the redflags and get them addressed at an early age for my 19 mth old son, now he will be able to get all the support he needs for the future as well. So I guess for every one  bad thing that happens, something positive usually come's out of it. 

I have decided that this year, my resolution will be to not sweat the small stuff, I want to continue on with my degree,  want to take a little time for myself somewhere in between all of the chaos, and most of all I want to make myself enjoy more of each day. Happy New year to everyone. 


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