1. I am organized.

--Everything has its own place, and I live by a time schedule most of the time.

2. I am driven.

--Though I am "only" a full-time student and mother of two, I work my ass off to: get high grades; keep the house clean; make homemade dinners; and plan activities for the kids.

3. I am smart.

--I think like an attorney sometimes; I can work circles around most anyone in an argument, as I am constantly thinking of the best approach and comeback to their side. 

4. I'm a skilled writer.

--In my fridge is a binder filled w/ poetry that I have been writing since the sixth grade; I am also in the process of writing my own book.

5. I love being a mom.

--It's the most important job I will ever have; my kids are clean, well-fed, on a schedule, know that they are loved, and have lots of fun...My goal is to make their childhood a positive, memorable experience.

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