sometimes I think life sucks.....I am 48 yrs.old and my body feels got turned down for unemployment took my letter down to my cousin she told me to appeal it heck with that I f'in hate wal-mart .you know what though I am rehireable just not at the store here.....I got my money for my 401 k.thats how I paid all my bills and I got the girl's some things for Christmas....I will go back to work..I use to tell people to go to wal-mart to work but I won't do that anymore...the only thing good about walmart is the friends you make...the management nope they attacked me told me I was walking through the deli with a cell phone in my hand.that wasn't me it was misty and she evn told them it was her..oh well..I called off to go meet my stepdaughter who was in the hospital and her face was swelled bad...but that was wrong I should not have ha our grandson nor met my stepdaughter..I should not have worried that she was in pain and her face was swollen...I should have just gone to walmart and kissed their ass...and to hell with my family...oh well a different job  and better I will be ok till we decide where we are going to live..I would like to move but right now he likes it here....

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