ok so i just wanna see if anyone can relate to my family on this...

my family is very different from the ordinary family. my mom and mother in law are both pegan. we have had encounters through out my life with many different situations that most people dont find themselves having in their whole life span. when i was 2 my experiences started. my first friend was a ghost, first thought to be an imaginary friend. but when my mom decided to ask me what he looked like and i described this little boy to have been burned really bad it struck a cord with her. she kinda raised an eye brow to that. well one day the land lord was over and they were talking and she told her there was a fire on the property before they owned it. a little boy died in the house that sat there first. he was of hispanic origin and had the same name i called my friend by. his name was gunta and there was no way i could just know that, no one talked about this boy prior to my mom asking me who he was or what he looked like.

from then on it was pretty steady in my life that i was talking to someone who wasnt there or telling my mom about things i wasnt supposed to know. i am still able to this day to pick up emotion from someone else. i am very vulnerable to other peoples energy. when i am happy it doesnt matter i walk into an area where someone is stressed or sad and i immediately pick that up and now that i know what it is i try to make that person feel better for my own sake. when i get close to someone and become great friends with them i tend to pick up when they are in distress even while im not with them. i was in oregon visiting my dad one day when i started feeling sick to my stomach and got an obsene headache, when i closed my eyes i could hear my friend chealsea crying. then what scared me the most was that i tried to lay down to get rid of this head ache and in the dark i could see my best friend jennifer running away from me as fast as she could. i immediately jumped up and demanded a phone. i called my mom and i told her to go to chelseas house and check on her. she said she would and then call me back. she didnt call me until the next day but when she did she had chelsea with her. i thought maybe it was me going nuts because surely if she were in any kind of trouble she wouldnt have been at my moms house. my mom put me on the phone with chelsea and she told me that the night before she had been raped. she met 3 men off of a party line and they picked her, my best friend and another girl up at the park, took them to this house. jennifer, my best friend, actually figured it out and ran. chelsea and this other girl were assulted. after this was all told to me i hit the floor and cried. chelsea asked me how i knew that she was in trouble considering i was in oregon they were all back home in california. i told her i had no clue but she decided to stop being friends with me after that. i didnt blame her at the time because i felt like i was being tortured to know something like that happened to someone and i wasnt able to warn her of it. still to this day when things are wrong with jennifer i will call her out of the blue and ask her what is wrong. she accepts my issues and thinks its my way of showing i love her. i have become better at blocking negative spirits out of my life but sometimes they are stronger then i know they are and its hard to ignore their actions. 

natilie is almost 5 but when she was 1 she was terrorised by a spirit in my first house. we knew something wasnt right in this house for about 4 months because she wouldnt walk to one side of my living room nor would she go into her room and when she did she would she would always point and scream at nothing. a lot of the time it was the right corner of the front of my living room. toward the ceiling. i decided to burn sage and put salt around the house for protection, something my mom and mother in law both told me to do because they are pegan. so i did this and things stopped making her scream. but i started hearing loud walking and speaking coming from my living room. the first few times this had happened i thought it was my neighbors because lived so close to me i figured sound carried in my house from the outside. i asked them to not party so loudly but they informed me that they hadnt had a party there yet! so i waited for it to happen again the next night and i spoke to it and asked it to please stop because it was scareing my daughter. it didnt happen nearly as often after that and it didnt wake me up any more. but when we moved from that house to a house 2 doors down from my mother in law we experienced many creepy instances, i myself swore to every star in the sky that my husband walked through the hall right past me and down in to my living room when he had been in the yard next door for 2 hours before and after that happened. soon after that happened my daughter started talking to a "friend" she was 2 almost 3 years old when she started yelling at nothing while i would bathe her. she would look at the bathroom door and just tell it to hold on she will be out in a minute. i asked her who it was and she said it was a little boy who came to play with her. she said he just wanted someone to talk to because he was really lonely and he was always cold. every night for months she would stand in front of the couch and read to this little boy in pretend and pay close attention to the left side of her. i only felt alarmed after i decided to take my mirror off the wall and move it to my bed room. i had to put it against the wall in the living room floor so i covered it to keep it hidden from natilie and put my furniture around it to protect it from bein broken. that night after i had already cleaned it off and stuck in on my bedroom wall i was getting ready for bed and looked at the mirror and there was a foot print in the left bottom corner. i got angry at first because i thought natilie had found a way to my mirror. but dusty, my husband, pointed out that he had washed that mirror after it had already been up on the wall... so i grabbed natilie and put her foot to it and the footprint was a couple inches too big to be natilies foot. it was too small to be any of our feet... so i brought this to my mother in laws attention. she told me that there was a boy who died year and years and years ago. he was between 4 and 6 years old and from what she was told by prior owners of her house the little boy was ill for months and the parents flipped out and didnt know what to do with him so they just put in in a well about 1/4 of a mile from my house the house he lived in is now a deer camp area. this was said to have happened in the 40s or 50s. i live in rural arkansas so it actually makes sense his remains are still down there from what the old owere of that property said. there is a well there where they say he is and it is pretty much bottomless. it saddened me to know that he was treated like this. i wanted to find out the truth so i did ask the town mayer about this and he said yes he had seen police reports of a boy reparted missing by his aunt and they suspected the mother and father of killing him and never went any further then questioning. they left shortly after and appearently they didnt find this too important. but the house address was from the road i lived on. so i figured when we moved from there this daily play date with this boy was over. i had just had my second daughter and she was still sleeping in a bassinette and we moved into a trailor 2 miles from my mom. i would sleep with my hand on eveys arm to make sure she was ok. one night i felt her bassinette shake and i didnt cause it and she didnt move. i asked whos there and got no answer. natilie was still awake and watching cartoon on my bed and she says "mom i told him to stop he wants to see the baby" so i knew right there that it was the boy. so i asked my mom to watch the girls the next day and i saged my house and spoke to this boy and asked him to please stop shaking the bassinette. he was more then welcome to be a part of our lives but if he wakes evey up i will get upset with him. thats stopped, but many times durning the day natilies bounce ball would move on its own. but i just ignored it and let it happen. after we moved out of that house we had no problems. my family was pretty much cleared of any supernatural issues.

but now evey is showing a sensitivity. only once so far and im not shocked lol.

we are staying with my mom right now because we are again in the process of moving. my moms house is haunted, deemed by a paranormal group out of littlerock. i know this personally because i have seen things happen in this house that you cant explain away. so the night before last im up all night with my 1 year old because she took a really late nap and she was wound up. but by 1 am youd think she would wanna go to bed and she wouldnt even listen to me when i told her to sit, i warned 3 times and she wouldnt listen at all...but she made me feel very uneasy because she stood up on the couch and looked to my moms hallway and pointed and said "who that?" i looked in the hall and nothing was there. i told her no one and made her sit down but she continued standing up and pointing asking me "who that?" i finally said "idk evey, who is it?" she replied "bo". i looked at her like she was crazy and looked back in the hall and still nothing. so i made her sit down. when i did this she screamed and i finally couldnt handle her not listening so i threatened to spank her butt, now she has a diaper on and i dont spank hard, one pat to her bottom normally send a red flag and she calms down. well i had to spank her. she cried for a second and the my attention was immediately focused to what was behind me. i felt like someone was right there behing my head right in the doorway of the hall. when i moved my head i felt and heard the hardest stomping that i have heard in a long time in this house. and nothing was there. it set me in a state of uneasiness. i got the vibe that whatever it was didnt like my parenting tactics. i told my husband what happened and he said he thinks maybe when i spanked evey it was upset and stomped to warn me i was not the only one awake in the house.

last night when i tried to put evey down to bed she wouldnt listen and i told her i would spank her and she immediately cried for BO!  this worries me in a way but i am hoping if this is not just my imagination i am able to set a standard with this spirit that is attatched to my 1 year old.

how would you handle this?

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