Well CM I have been off awhile!!! Woo where have I been??? Well facebook...yes I know I should not be ignoring you IM SORRY CM!!!  

So New Year 2012...you know I bet a lot of ppl are like "Oh no its 2012!" yaaa some ppl think the world is gonna end but I have some news for y'all...NOPE SORRY TO SAY ITS NOT GOING TOOO!!!  Only God knows that...Im tired of ppl trying to play God...like seriously...May 21, 2011---world was suppose to end, then October 21, 2011...I mean COME ON PPL!!!! Get ahold of yourself...Here....Take a deep breath...The world is not going to end...Ok feel better?  Good Im so glad...thats too much of a stress factor isn't it?  I think so...worry about other things...

Well prob like a lot of you we all have resolutions...as in "LOOSING WEIGHT"  that seems to be mine EVERY YEAR...and I always say "This the YEAR"  Yaaa well I mean ya it started well but man Im giving up already...BUT I need to get back on it!!! ZUMBA is my workout...I love it I really DOOOO!!!

So in closing Im just telling you all to have a WONDERFUL YEAR full of happyness and love!!! and good luck for all!!! Look me up on facebook hahaha if im not on here Im on THERE...I swear that and angry birds are my addiction....OH and DR. PEPPER!!!

Bye Y'all  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

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