Another 'group I'm not in' post...

They may not be easy, but there are some tough conversations that you and your kids will both be better off for having. So today's New Year, New Mom activity is to have one of them, or think about your strategy for when the time comes (or for when tough questions come up as they so often do with kids!)

Depending on their age, talk to them about hygiene, drugs, sex, personal finances, etc. If you're having a hard time with it, think back to when you were their age and how you can help them navigate the world better than you did or avoid doing things you wish you hadn’t. Find tips on talking to your kids about tough subjects here.

Most importantly, make sure your kids know that they can come to you about anything, and hopefully they will come to you for advice. They may not, of course, but knowing they can means a lot. 
What tough conversations have you had with your kids? Any tips to offer other moms? Which convos are you dreading?

So...that would be 'none of the above.'

We talked about everything. One delightful moment when my recently-learned-to-read youngest read a bus ad for the Kids Help Phone (like a crisis line for children) that said 'because AIDS, suicide and bisexuality aren't dinner table conversations'... we continued walking for a few steps and she quipped 'wrong kind of dinner table.'

I think it's really sad, that so many kids of punishment know that if they do anything wrong, the first response their parents will have is anger at them... and parents wonder why their kids don't 'know' they can come to them with anything.

Kids know it's because they can't.

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