A Toyota exercise, apparently... to find out why something is important to you (and, it may surprise you to find out that it is)... in this case, applied to housework, 'cause I was thinking about it replying to a post.

Why is having a tidy and clean home important to you?

Because I have so much more energy in a cleared-up space

Why is having more energy important to you?

Because I enjoy my life more --my cooking more, my writing more, my friends more-- when I have a lot of energy

Why is enjoying those more important to you?

Who would want to enjoy them less? But, I suppose it's because it's more easier to connect with myself and others when I have energy and enjoyment --I'm more creative, more settled, more sane...

Why are those things important to you?

So I can really be me, which has always been my main goal in life. I am less reactive, more pro-active, less stingy and more generous, less cynical and more open... in a word, I'm happier.

Why is being happy important to you?

It creates positive energy.

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