Another 'not my group'...

Most kids will take sweets and treats over anything else -- duh! But sweet, sugary soda, juices, and other drinks are not doing your kid -- or you! -- any favors.

Today's activity is to give them a glass of water before allowing them to have soda or juice. Make water fun by adding festive ice cubes or drinking with a cool straw or water bottle. Put a pitcher of water out on the table at meals, and don't offer other options. Make soda a special treat that they only have with pizza or on holidays. If you have very young children, dilute their juices with water so they're getting less sugar, but a little bit of flavor. And follow your own rules -- more water for mom is better, too! Your kids will be thankful you did this later -- and so will you!

Do you serve water with meals? Is there any special way you jazz it up? Which sugary beverages do your kids love most?

My kids still comment on growing up without Koolaid, Crystal Lite, pop, juice and bottled tea and coffee drinks at home. I was even more of a heretic though: we also didn't drink milk.

Thristy? Water's in the tap. You can boil it if you like.

To this day, my kids add sugar to tea and coffee --but they add their own, and rarely drink any kind of pop, even in mixed drinks. They are both more likely to drink wine or beer or shots than 'cocktails' that rely on pops to thin hard alcohol.

I never thought of 'pop' as a 'treat' because I think of treats as things like rarely-available fresh, expensive fruits and berries: raspberries, logans, local organic strawberries, wild blackberries. Or 'rarely can afford' foods like steak, asparagus or exotic mushrooms... Rarely (like at Christmas and Thanksgiving) we'll have some flavoured fizzy drink --sometimes homemade (just using carbonated water, flavoured with infusions we make) or things like the natural sugar options, like Bottle Green's Elderflower Presse.

I have long thought that 'treat' is the worst name for fake foods that make bodies feel bloated, zoomy and tired.

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