Sorry I didn't post yesterday. The first night was an huge FAIL. Last night, it might as well count as a wash. UGH. We started with the normal routine...dinner, clean-up, followed by bath time. I explained what was going to happen and Kenzie understood it. So, after the bath (the baby was already asleep), she got jammies on and we laid down. We read about 4 books, and sang some songs and talked quietly for a few minutes. We gave hugs and kisses and I left the room. It wasn't two minutes later and she was in our room asking for her tv to be turned on. We told her no and I walked her back to bed....and then the fight began. The screaming, crying "I don't like you!".."Fne, I'm just going to turn my tv on anyway!".."This is the worst thing you've ever done to me!". She was extremely tired the first night and it made it that much worse. At some point she crashed in our floor.


Last night, David left to go out of town..I thought that maybe it would make things easier with him being gone. It made things a little bit easier. It was still the constant running in to our room and stalling bedtime. I finally shut my door and locked it to get the point across that I wasn't playing around...and I needed a time out because I was ready to scream myself. She turned her tv on and it kept her in her room long enough for her to be still and go to sleep. I checked on her at 12;30 and she was asleep Again, she wound up in bed with me in the middle of the night. I didn't feel her because in the two hours of solid sleep that I did get, I slept hard.


The baby is a completely different story. These last two nights, he's been up constantly. He wants to eat, he's ready to be awake at 1 am, he's restless, he's just restless. I tried to just give him to his pacifier and he was not having that. I would get two feet out the door and he would be screaming again. Now, this child would rather be put in his crib than be cuddled all night, so I don't think it was that he was just screaming to scream.


Hopefully tonight will be better. Wish me luck!!

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