It's been almost a year since I first started cycling with T & T. We tried 4 times but in the end they called it quits. It really made me sad but I understood their reasoning.We are still good friends and I see them occasionally.

In September 2012 I found a new couple to work with after only a few weeks of having my ad up online at They are from Canada. They seem very nice and I'm still eager to do one last surrogacy journey.  L & K are a same sex couple and will be using K's sperm.

It took a very long time to get the contract done via email and snail mail but it well all finalized just a few days before Christmas, just in time for a January insem. However, the details for shipping frozen sperm from Canada to Alaska proved to be much more complicated then previously thought so K is going to be coming straight to Alaska in February!

The weathere here in Anchorage is vastly different then what they are used to in Southern, Coastal Canada. We currently have almost 4 feet of fluffy standing snow, but an over all accumulation of nearly 100 inches this winter so far! It white, as fas as the eye can see. Hopefully the temperature will be do-able towards the end of the month. Anything above Zero would be nice. :)

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Feb. 23, 2012 at 8:11 PM

Have you insemmed yet?  I will be trying next week.  Would be cool if we were pregnant together again.  :)

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