Whoo-Hoo, I'm so excited! I started my 90 Day challenge today! I have 40 pounds to lose, and I'm so ready to lose the extra jelly roll! I weigh 140, so I hope to be 100 pounds in 90 days.

I blended my first shake mix this morning, and I have to say that it really did taste great.I did not add any of the extra flavoring packs, I just used the regular mix, with low fat milk, and it really did taste like cake mix.

I will have two shakes a day one for breakfast, and one for lunch.Then I will eat a normal dinner.I will start my vitamin pack, and my metabolism pill today, and see if I can get a boost of energy.If I get hungry in between I have the little pack of hunger control.You simply add them to water, or juice and it will naturally take the hunger away.

I'm excited to finally be getting my weight back in control.What have you got to lose?? I'm looking for some challenge buddies, if your up to a good challenge!

Take a look at the 90 Day Challenge, then ask yourself what do I have to lose?? You can also enter the challenge contest, and prizes, and trips!!

You can lose wight for free, and gain a pay check, and maybe even a new ride if you promote the challenge!


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