We've had quite a few really warm days lately and that, plus the fact that everywhere I turn I see fingerprints on doors, smudges on windows, etc etc has put me in Spring Cleaning Mode.  Or at least it's got me thinking about it :)  And if I know me, the only way to stop the constant To Do List whirling through my brain, at least until the end of the this week when I can start tackling some of them (vacation Monday - woohoo!), is to get it all down on in black and white.  It's the first time I've done a big all-at-once overhaul in the new house, so it will be fairly detailed.  I'm sure it will take me the better part of a couple months to get it all done, working on one section at a time as I get the chance.

-Blinds:  vacuum and wipe down (master, master bath, K, T, playroom, guest room)
-Light fixtures:  wash, make sure all bulbs are working (living room, kitchen, dining, sun room, play room, powder, laundry, hallways, master bath, master, kids bath, K, T, playroom, guest)
-Vents:  vacuum and wipe down in all rooms
-Trim, baseboards, doors:  wipe down and touch up paint as needed, as well as any marks spotted on the walls (living room, kitchen, dining, sun room, laundry, play room, powder, master bath, master, kids bath, K, T, playroom, guest, stairway/entry/hallways)
-Carpet:  vacuum around all edges then shampoo (living room, stairs/hall, master, K, T, playroom, guest,).  also shampoo couches and vehicles while we're at it. And vacuum all closets!
-Tile:  hands and knees mop, with special attention to edges and corners, then reseal all grout (kitchen, laundry, hall and coat closet, powder, master, kids bath)
-Wood floors:  hands and knees mop with special attention to edges and corners (dining, entry, sunroom)
-Windows:  vacuum out tracks, wash inside and outside (dining, living, entry, sunroom, kitchen, master, master bath, K, T, playroom, guest)
-scrub window screens
-scrub all garbage cans
  -clear out, wipe down/vacuum cabinets, then reorg as necessary (upper, lower, island, pantry)
  -vacuum coils in refrigerator
  -put cleaner down disposal
  -clean out inside of dishwasher/screens
  -treat for any hard water in faucet and fridge, replace fridge filter
  -wipe down appliances inside and out (microwave, stove, fridge)
  -caulk around countertop if needed
-Bathrooms:  wipe down inside and exterior of cabinets, reorg as necessary (master, kids bath), treat all faucets for hard water (don't forget the showers!), caulk around all fixtures, countertops, trim
-replace shower curtain liner in kids' bath
-Laundry:  wipe down cabinet inside and out, wash shoe rugs and wipe down cubbies, clean washer, wipe down dryer and check all lint traps/ducts (including outside!)
  -new gate
  -restain fence and deck?
  -re-lay patio bricks
  -extend planters for sprinkler boxes on front side and near sunroom
  -larger patch of gravel near sandbox?
  -bug treatment, fertilizer, and overseed
  -add mulch where needed
  -pull weeds!
  -plant new flowers/bushes

  -power wash porch, driveway, screen porch
  -quick reorg in the garage - that spare wood pile is looking awful!

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