Just back from spending the first half of the week on vacation (so fun!).  But of course that means the rest of the week will be spent playing catch up.

-kids to school!  (short day), double check Kaitlyn's hw before she leaves
-straighten up the house
-fold and put away laundry
-pay bills

-sweep kitchen
-pick up Tyler (and Kate?)
-K homework/study for spelling test

-dinner prep

-kids to school (Dr Seuss!  send book w/ K)
-straighten up house/dishes
-paint drying racks
-make countdown blocks

-menu/grocery list
-Dr Seuss library party (Sat 11:00)
-grocery shopping
-scrub bathrooms
-scrub kitchen sink
-Sam finish drying racks
-box up drying racks
-finish last set of countdown blocks
-monster hat

-kids to school
-exercise?  (urgh cramps - probably not!)
-dishes/straighten up the house
-UPS drop

-Post Office drop
-fold and put away laundry

-update blogs (craft, 365, link up to a few parties)
-pick up Tyler
-Kaitlyn home/homework
-dinner prep (pitas)
-groceries/errands (Aldi)

-kids to school
-dishes/straighten up
-put away Vday stuff, put out spring dec
-work on projects
-dinner prep

-kids to school (make sure Kate is ready for spelling test)
-dishes/straighten up

-1 load laundry
-finish orders and get ready to send out
-UPS claim
-finish hairbows and tag them
-pack up everything for craft sale tomorrow
-finish email to mom

-text jessi re: plans for tomorrow
-text or email Megan re: plans for putting together playset
-Post Office
-pick up Tyler
-hang up monogram wreath (and take photo)
-finish egg topiary

-work on egg shadow box?

-craft sale (Sat 9-3)
-build new drying rack (ugh!)

-Sam:  (and possibly me) help Megan set up playset
-yard work???  (at the very least put out fertilizer and bug stuff)

Also need to do this week:
-email developer re:HOA dues
-call TV
-work on org/backing up photos!!!
-work on updating blogs (pers vacation, scrap/vacation, 365)
-finish updating family binder
-new items on Etsy (spring theme!, new paper for preg countdown blocks, deployment countdown blocks)
-Etsy orders
-figure out how to do tutorials links pg for blog
-burn DVDs for Bon?
-find/buy new nightstands (purchased but on BO until April)
-pallet crafts (carving, crate, flower box, quote board)
-Be Mine craft? map hearts?
-Ty monogram wall?
-square wreath w/ monogram!
-start thinking about Easter gifts (sand toys, water filter bottles), new decor, etc
-egg topiary
-egg shadowbox?
-pull out Easter decorations
-put away Valentines stuff
-get things ready for kids for St Patricks (suprise from leprechaun, fun lunchbox stuff, stickers for sticker books?)

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