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     Two in one week. I'm on some kind of roll!

     Things are mostly bueno. Things are starting to look up financially for us as a family unit. Things are looking up for me mentally.

      It's been a rough time for my extended family lately, but we're all managing. I lost my grandmother (dad's mother) just before Christmas 2010, my grandfather (mom's father) June 2011, and my other grandfather (mom's stepfather) just before Christmas 2011. All three were in poor health. Grandmommy Robbins was in her 80s and very sick, Granddaddy Pat had been battling with cancer for some time and was miserable, and Granddaddy Joe had advancing Alzheimer's in addition to his health problems. It was hard for everyone especially losing all 3 over the span of a year, but I'm doing ok. It's weird thinking I have one grandparent left in the entire world. My Aunt Trish and Uncle Joey were diagnosed with cancer (breast and prostate, respectively)  about 6 months apart from eachother. All in all my heart feels like half of it up and left for Alabama and plans on staying until we can make the trip from NC. They're really doing well. All things considered. On top of that, my Mom and Stepdad ought to be finalizing their divorce soon. It's been weird trying to figure out how to work my and the girl's relationship with him. I mean, logically there isn't a reason that it should change. He loves me and the girls. And they (and I) love him. The circumstances behind the divorce have just been hard for me to handle and I'm still angry. I try not to be.

     That's the bad. But there's been good stuff too! Jon's been at his new job for just over a year now. It isn't perfect, but so much better than not being able to cash his checks every week. We finally (after getting our tax return) are looking for a car for me. Finally. Planning a trip to Alabama for the Fall. The girls are great. There are a few parenting difficulties that I just haven't been able to wrap my head around, but I'll get to those in a minute. I've been losing weight and maintaining my loss! Last April, I got on the scale and was just sick. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined myself so large. But it happened. I've lost 38 pounds so far and still losing. The past few weeks I've been pretty lax, but I'm working towards my goal still. I don't want to share my weight just yet. I'm thinking in April I will since it will mark a year since I really put my heart into living healthier. You will all be shocked. I still am sometimes. It's been hard at times, but beneficial in so many ways. 

     These girls. They're nuts. Alaina turned 4 in October and Chloe will be 3 in July. They are wonderful. That goes without saying. However...those difficulties I mentioned? Tremendously, tremendously patience trying.

    Alaina has been potty trained with urine for forever now, but I still can't get her to poop in the potty. She's 4 and it's just way overdue. She has made some strides with it, but we aren't mission: accomplished yet. She tends to poop in her panties during her sleep (she was doing it on purpose on her floor) and lately she goes into the bathroom without prompting and I can hear her pushing. I've been adding more fiber to her diet to help things along in case pooping just hurts more than it should. I have a few theories on why the poop has been such a hard thing and I'm willing to try about anything that I haven't yet to help her learn. Ideas? Her doctor was also a bit worried about her speech at her 4 year well-check. She does have a tendency to speak very fast and has a few issues with pronunciation, but I'm not sure if it's time to pursue speech therapy yet. I think once she's in preschool around other children it will clear up on it's own, but I also am toying with the idea of having her evaluated just to see. I don't know...On bad days, I feel like her issues with poop and speech are probably bigger than they really are and, of course, all my fault.

    I've started potty training with Chloe and it isn't going very far. She's good about sitting on the potty and doesn't mind going in and out all day, but we haven't had any luck with getting it in. She dislikes dirty/wet panties (and nap and bed pull-ups). I thought she was going to be easy, lol. Alaina has been a bit jealous since we started because of all the extra attention Chloe seems to get. Which makes for very annoying and lengthy whine sessions, lol. I just need a little breakthrough and I feel we'll be on Success Avenue. She was also starting to worry me about her speech. The first half of her second year, she didn't talk much. But she's a chatterbox now.  She's still half understandable, half Chloe-ese. I don't think she has a "problem" exactly, I'm just afraid of her ending up with the potential issues Alaina has now.

     So, yeah. That's about all the updating I feel like piling onto this post. Now that that's out of the way, I can go back to posting...philisophical insights and my usual random nonsense. Or something like that. =)

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