Yes, it's Glenn Beck. If you are a liberal with a small business suck it up and join in anyway. The rest of you with open minds, this can help you and others. Check it out

In the coming months, I’ll be launching a small business Marketplace on that will give us all a unique opportunity to support and interact with passionate small businesses and entrepreneurs in towns across the nation. And since small businesses make up 65% of new jobs, we all need to join together to ensure their part in the economic recovery. The Markdown Marketplace will be a different kind of Marketplace -- one where you’ll get to know the business owners, families, towns and inspirational stories behind these extraordinary companies. I’d like you to be a part of this small business revival. Buying from the Markdown Marketplace will allow you to feel good about the businesses you support, a place where you can “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.”

If you own a small business and want to be part of this revival, apply now.

If you know of a great small business that would be a perfect fit for the Markdown Marketplace, recommend that company today.

Help me change the way we support small businesses. Help me create a Marketplace where you can “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.”

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