A young Mark Hughes, in 1980, had an extraordinary vision and commitment to launch Herbalife.  In Los Angeles, Ca, Mark launched Herbalife by working as the first Distributor selling the nutritional products. As more and more people tried the products and experienced positive results, the business quickly expanded. Mark developed a network of Distributors who shared his vision, and were passionate about the products and excited about the business opportunity.  Mark Hughes passed away in 2000, but his vision continues to thrive.

Today, approximately 2.3 million Herbalife Independent Distributors, Wellness or Sport Nutrition Coaches in 82 countries are making their dreams of a healthier life and financial independence comes true. Herbalife today is a publicly traded company with more than 4,000 Los Angeles employees, and sales in 2011 were 5.4 billion.

Herbalife is an international nutrition company providing nutrition for weight management, skincare, targeted products, energy and fitness sports nutrition. Today, their nutritional products include:


  The core products are:

·        Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix - Nutritionally Complete

·        Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex  

·        Cell Activator, which enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals and promote cellular energy production in support of weight loss.

·        Herbal Tea Concentrate 

 You can join Herbalife as a Distributor or as a Whole sale member by purchasing the International Business Pack for approx $101.in the US. The IBP/kit contains $ 101. worth of products plus business forms and documents.

 As a Personal Wellness / Sports Nutrition Coach / Distributor you are earning from retailing products, with a commission of 25%. Once you've ordered 500 volume points, you are promoted to senior consultant, and enjoy a sliding commission scale from 35% to 42%. As a Senior Consultant you receive wholesale profits from the sales of your Distributors, as the difference between the wholesale volume of your Distributors and your corresponding wholesale volume.  Once you achieve 4,000 volume points (VP) in a month or 2,500 VP in each of two months, or you accumulate 5,000 VP in 3 - 12 months - you are advancing to Supervisor rank. You are now receiving "royalty" override commissions from 5% to 2% on the first third levels, on the volume of other Supervisors in your down line, depending on your total volume. Today, Herbalife Distributors are using a Program called "2*4*1" and are making President's Team in less than 1 year


  • Well known, recognizable name that has been doing well for 32 years and still growing!
  • Well-researched products that have been tested over the years.
  • Health benefits are verified by users who have given testimonials.
  • Herbalife is a publicly-traded company with a history of strong products

  • With today's economy, Herbalife works out $ 1.50 per meal. Grocery store prices have rose from 18 - 20% in the last few months while Herbalife has only had in 2% increase in 2 years. Thus, making it a bargain as you'll spend less at the supermarket.
  • 4 Former FDA employees have joined Herbalife
  • Herbalife family Foundation - Herbalife has established more than 60 Casa Herbalife programs on 6 continents
  • For further information visit: https://www.goherbalife.com/sports/en-us   or contact Deb @ Over The Top Nutrition  ---Herbalife- Get Healthier, Stronger, Bigger, Faster!

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