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 Michael Nida, A dear friend of my husband and I, was murdered by Downey Police on October 22, 2011. We, the family, friends, and supporters of Michael Nida, have been working together to obtain answers and seek justice for this unjust murder.

Michael Nida was an unarmed, innocent man, who was gunned down at the hands of the Downey PD in an admitted case of mistaken identity.  He was not a criminal; he was a  loving husband and father of four. He was a union carpenter who worked hard to provide for his family, and also volunteered his time in his community as a coach for youth sports teams. The Downey PD admits that they were pursuing Michael Nida because they thought that he was an armed robbery suspect. However, no non-lethal methods were used in apprehending him, and their police error resulted in his death. He was on a date with his wife and had briefly stopped at a gas station when he was shot and killed by an officer yielding an MP5 submachine gun.


 Authorities Admit Wrong Man Fatally Shot by Downey Cops Who Were Looking For Robbery Suspect:,0,3667028.story


Two of the four homicides committed in Downey this year were committed by on-duty Downey Police Officers in October 2011. Other than Michael Nida, the Downey PD also shot and killed Manuel Vargas, a homeless man, ten days earlier. Shockingly, these police murders go back even further. A year prior, the same PD also killed Steven Bours, a decorated Iraq War veteran. In 2002, the same MP5 machine gun was used to kill Gonzalo Martinez! Martinez's murder was captured on video, clearly showing that he was unarmed with his hands up in the air as he was brutally shot to death.



Other Downey PD Killings:



We need to put an end to this horrible epidemic, so as to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again! We are attending every scheduled Downey City Council meeting to speak out against this injustice and demand change! The meetingsare held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m., located at 11111 Brookshire Avenue, Downey, CA 90241.  Please join us there for support, and spread the word to others you know of who may be interested in supporting as well! We welcome all of the positive support we can get! We have been rallying to bring an end to racial profiling and police misconduct, and are demanding better training for police officers in non-lethal methods. We have also met with a state assemblymember to discuss legislation restricting the use of the MP5 submachine gun in non-SWAT standard policing.Your support in our efforts would be greatly appreciated.


Please sign the Change.Org petitions initiated on behalf of Michael Nida, killed 10.22.11 and share the information and links on your page, website and/or blog.  There is much more information about the murders by Downey Police at the online petitions. Here are the links:


 Justice For Michael Nida, Stop The Use Of Lethal Force By Police:


Help Michael Nida's kids change the laws:



Again, thank you for your support as we fight for Justice for Michael Nida!







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Mar. 15, 2012 at 11:40 PM

This is awful...I'm so sorry.

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Mar. 16, 2012 at 12:18 AM Thank you so much , please sign the petition if you can.

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